Soulja Boy Sues Manager Over Contract

(AllHipHop News) Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy has filed a lawsuit against his ex-manager, claiming that he was coerced into signing “oppressive” contracts. reports that Soulja Boy filed a lawsuit against his former manager Philip Ransom, claiming that he hijacked Soulja’s career.

According to the lawsuit, Soulja Boy was just 16-years-old when he signed the contract, claiming he was a naïve teenager.

Under his old deal, Ransom collects 5% forever, for the deals he negotiated while acting as Soulja’s manager.

Soulja Boy’s is also suing Ransom, claiming he gave up 50% of all of the rapper’s copyrights to his record label.

According to Soulja Boy, the deal he signed is “contrary to music industry custom and practice.”

Soulja Boy could have a chance since he entered into the agreement as a minor, but reports the deal is “industry standard.”

Ransom has filed a counter suit against Soulja Boy, claiming the rapper still owes money from the work he completed while acting as his manager.

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