MGK Inspires Teen with Cerebral Palsy to Walk

(AllHipHop News) Cleveland born, self proclaimed “Wild Boy” Machine Gun Kelly is doing good things for the local community of Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland’s Fox 8 News reports that Ryan Hex, a disabled teenager from Brunswick, Ohio, has been inspired to walk by the MGK “Lace Up” movement.

“If you look in the video, there’s a good three, four seconds with no one holding him. He took steps. That’s just insane, man,” said MGK.

The two met at a Blink 182 concert over the summer and since have kept in touch.

“Ryan is not a quitter. He’s never been a quitter. But he is more determined now, he had therapy last night and took 66 steps and was exhausted,” said Ryan’s mother Anita Yex.

Check out the video below:

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