Prodigy Is Working On Collaboration Album With The Alchemist

Queens rap duo Mobb Deep have announced that Prodigy will be working on an untitled album with producer The Alchemist.

While the group offered little details about the album, reps for the rappers said The Alchemist would be responsible for all of the production, in addition to securing the guest releases.

The news of the collaboration with Mobb Deep and The Alchemist marks the start of a busy release schedule for the group’s label, Infamous Records.

The label is preparing a new album by Prodigy, in addition to Mobb Deep’s untitled 9th album.

Prodigy is also working on his second book since releasing his controversial memoirs “My Infamous Life.”

Prodigy’s album is due in stores before the Summer of 2012, while his untitled second book in early 2012.

Mobb Deep’s new EP Black Cocaine is in stores now.

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