Hip-Hop Rumors: T-Boz Files For Bankruptcy


Look what I found on Vibe Vixen! Poor T-Boz from TLC has had to file for BKO! Good luck, hon. This Christmas season is a doozie.

Looks like T-Boz will have to stop “chasing waterfalls” before she ends up penniless. The former raspy voiced member of the highly successful group TLC which dominated the 90’s music scene with strings of melodious hits, filed for bankruptcy last month.
T-Boz whose real name is Tionne Watkins, was forced to bite the bullet and file once it became clear that she was unable to keep up with her mortgage payments for her $1.2 million abode. She now owes creditors about $768,642.99 according to court documents but interestingly enough there is no evidence of the kind of excessive spending that typically inspires celebs to embrace this particular option. The details of her spending habits and living expenses paint a reasonable picture. She rakes in about $11, 700 a month and spends about $8,821 monthly.

It’s also worth noting that despite numerous top ten singles and four platinum albums, T-Boz remarkably only gets $1,200 a month in royalties.

Perhaps a reality show could save the day? There seems to be plenty of green paper flying around in that arena.


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