Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye West To Leave The United States?


As you know, I love the UK…well I just wish I had their accent. The latest with Kanye is that he is looking to move to the UK to make his career leap forward more than it already is. Not only is he working on new music, but he’s also about to move to the United Kingdom for his fashion endeavors, according to rumor. They are even saying he may put his music on hold, which sounds false to me. But, this is all in preparation for Fashion Week in Paris. I think earlier this year, he caught some heat for his fashions and may be looking for some “get back.” He’s reportedly looking for apartments right now.

Here are some of Kanye’s fashion looks:

kanye west fashion

kanye west fashion 1


kanye west hair fashion style

kanye west fashion style

kanye west fashion style 3

kanye west fashion style 2

kanye west fashion style 4

kanye west fashion style 1

kanye west fashion style pink pictures

kanye west and amber rose

kanye west louis vuitton fashion style

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