Hip-Hop Rumors: Diddy Tweets Cassie While Celebrating With Kim Porter?!

Oh man, Diddy sure does live up to his “player” image. doesn’t he!

Last night, Diddy was the perfect family man, hosting a New Year’s Eve party at his home in South Beach with his on again/off again girlfriend Kim Porter. The two have three children together and have been an item so long that we’re sure they qualify as a common law marriage! Diddy and Kim co-hosted the shin-dig together, along with their twin daughters and son.

Unfortunately for Kim, Diddy was busy sending tweets to his rumored girlfriend Cassie. Diddy tweeted @officialcas happy new year baby girl!!!!! 🙂 2012

Back on December 27, poor Cassie tweeted “Love is too complicated for me.” She did not respond to Diddy’s tweet. Wonder if this marks the end for the not-so-undercover lovers?

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