Hip-Hop Rumors: DJ Spinderella Goes In On Alicia Keys, Lil Wayne & Kanye West?


I don’t know if you all even know who Spinderella is, but let me help you know. She is a legendary DJ that is a member of Salt-N-Pepa. She’s been around since the 80s and she’s pretty. At any rate, she is a DJ of note and she’s making moves. Well, recently there has been a rash of artists that have turned into DJs. This includes Erykah Badu, Kanye West and Alicia Keys. Anyway on Twitter, she went OFF. She even named names. But, I have to admit, she is talking about somebody named Wayne. I didn’t know Lil Wayne was a DJ now. Did you hear that? Let me know and read the rant! Does she have a point? She used to rap a bit…so why can’t rappers DJ?

Here is the her TweetTalk: