Hip-Hop Rumors: Random Weirdness & Headshakers From The ‘Net

Here are a few unthinkable items we found randomly on the ‘Net. Just start shaking your head now…

Indestructible Burgers…We’re (Not) “Lovin’ It”!!

A Canadian woman purchased a cheeseburger from a certain “arched” nemesis and left it on the counter. One year later, she reported that the cheeseburger remains relatively “unchanged” – not even mold or bacteria could conquer it! Ugh.

McDowell’s from “Coming To America” used real meat!

We also just found out that just the bun, meat, and cheese alone contain nearly 50 ingredients – if those aren’t reasons to change eating habits, nothing is! Need more motivation? Check out Olympic Sprinter Marshevet Hooker’s “Top 5 Not Dead, So Stay Alive” Tips for 2012!

Via: NationalPost.com

Apocalypse Now?? – 200 Dead Birds Ring In The New Year

OK, so this dead bird thing happened again this New Year’s Eve in Arkansas, the same state that reported 5,000 unexplained dead birds on 12/31/10. This time, scientists think they have an explanation – fireworks! Apparently, they scare birds into going cray at night and flying headfirst into objects and dying. That sh*t cray. Birds are nice.

Via: CNN.com

9-1-1 Is A Joke??!?

To avoid a speeding ticket and the cost of an ambulance ride, some guy STOLE an ambulance and drove himself to the hospital. We know times are hard, especially when you’ve just been jumped by four men. But, really? REALLY?

This mugshot says it all:

Via: HuffingtonPost.com Weird News