Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye’s Mysterious Twitter Pal, Azealia Banks, Goes In On Kreayshawn

So, if you follow @kanyewest on Twitter, last night was quite the tweet-fest from the elusive Chi-Town rapper. He talked about his childhood, his opinions about how “illogical” awards shows are (which almost seemed to trip him up at one point), his Watch The Throne experiences, creating a design firm in his mother’s name, and…summer schools? Things got a little EMO, but he had some hella funny tweets, too:

This is all interesting fodder since Kanye West took a highly-noticed, super-long break from Twitter after some PR disasters/attacks on him in the past. Well, he’s back…in full force! It’s also interesting to note that HE ONLY FOLLOWS FIVE PEOPLE on Twitter vs. the 5.8 million people who follow him. One being Kim Kardashian. Moving on…

Upon further snooping, one person he follows is an interesting young, female MC named Azealia Banks from Harlem. We vaguely know her name, but dang, she MUST be SOMEBODY to get one out of five co-signs from Yeezy!

Anywho, Ms. Banks took to some tweeting of her own last night, and she went in on…rapper KREAYSHAWN! Like this!:

Umm, shots fired??! We don’t know why she has beef, but we think we like this Azealia chick already, so we’ll be watching! Minus the “face-sitting,” she and illseed are on the same page about Kreayshawn!

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