Hip-Hop Rumors: Scott Storch Finally Off That Yayo and Back in the Studio?!

Lookie what we have here. It looks like former superstar producer Scott Storch has finally gotten himself clean and sober and is back in the studio putting in work. Storch is famously known for producing monster number one records for everyone from Beyonce to Lil’Wayne, and then snorting more than $30 million of it up his nose, as well as foolishly giving former girlfriends Paris Hilton a two million dollar necklace and Lil’ Kim a Bentley! Talk about trickin’! Side note: That Bentley he gave Kim was later repossessed! Oopsie’s!

A video has just surfaced of Storch back in the studio. He looks like he gained about 30 pounds (which is good, considering), and he looks to be joined by one of the Dirty Money girls, but I could be wrong. Check him out creating a new beat in the video below.


Another side note: In addition to Kim and that slutty heiress, Storch was also linked to SHOCKER….Kim Kardashian. This was back before she was famous. Man, who hasn’t this chick hooked up with?! In a GQ article back in his heyday, Storch claims that Kim K. was the “best he ever had”. Hmm, I wonder what that cost him?!

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