Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Apologizes to Interscope?!

This dude has more WTF moments that any rapper that has ever lived!  50 Cent went on a super emotional Twitter rant last week, where among other things, he blamed his record label for leaking his new records.  

Well, last night, 50 got some news that proved what the label was telling him all along, that a “computer glitch” was responsible for the leaks.  I guess 50 was satisfied with the labels proof and issued an apology over Twitter. Check it out below:

“Discovered a computer glitch leaked my song. Sorry to team at interscope for over reacting!”

“I put a lot in to this project but I don’t care if it ever comes out. Jimmy iovine has been like a mentor for me. I just want to stay friends.”

“I just want to stay friends!?”  Come on, 50 Cent, what happened to the tough guy who single-handedly exiled people like Ja Rule from the game?!  5o hasn’t been the same since he lost his battle with Rick Ross. Dude has gotten soft on us.

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