Hip-Hop Rumors: Common Opens A Lil Can Of Ether On Drake


Now, when “Stay Schemin’” dropped with Rick Ross and Drake, I didn’t say anything. I saw the subliminal from Drake towards Common and decided to let  it slide. Who wants to be a part of a silly beef. But, on the inside, I wanted to see what would come from it. Well, here it is. Common has responded to Drake saying ““Don’t be duckin’ like you never wanted nothin’/ It’s feelin’ like rap changed it was a time it was rugged/ Back when if a n—a reached it was for the weapon/ Nowadays n—as reach just to sell their record.”  Hit the pic to hear the exclusive, s/o MTV RapFix:

Common is back. I guess Drake never heard “The B***h In Yoo.”

Guess he didn’t like Drizzy saying “gods acting like broads,” but Common made it pretty clear he wants no part of a crew beef. He doesn’t really have a crew.

Source: MTV RapFix

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