Hip-Hop Rumors: Church Claims Baby Blue Ivy is Satan?!

Some people are just plain old CRAZY! Some nut bag in North Carolina vandalized a sign outside a church to read “Beyonce had her baby, Satan is on earth.”

According to TMZ, the pastor at Beulah Hill Baptist Church in West End, NC said that he discovered the vandalism yesterday after receiving numerous complaints from locals — and removed it immediately. The pastor insists, the church had nothing to do with the apocalyptic message … it was simply the victim in a random act of mischief.

In related news, Beyonce’s sister Solange is tired of people calling her sister a liar and has taken to Twitter to expressed how p’ed off she is.  Check out her rant below:

“It has really gotten out of hand. I’ve been doing my best at keeping my mouth shut….but the ignorance is really sad and upsetting. We are supposed to be super human and watch people we love get slandered, lied on, and ridiculed. It is one of THE hardest things to accept.

In any other workplace…if someone directly tells your mother or sister is a liar and a fake ect…you would naturally express yourself. However, the pure happiness and joy I’ve witnessed and experienced helps me to keep my mouth shut.”

While I do feel sorry for the sister, scrutiny is the price of fame.  And they are being paid quite handsomely!

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