Will Smith Goes 3D For “Men In Black 3”

(AllHipHop News) Sony has revealed details about the upcoming “Men in Black 3” movie, which is the latest installment of the hit franchise starring Will Smith.

The new “MIB3” will be in 3-D, according to Sony, making it one of four Sony films to utilize the technology from this year.

Earlier this week, Will Smith, director Barry Sonnenfeld and Sony worldwide CEO Howard Stringer appeared at the CES 2012 convention, where they debuted a new trailer for the movie.

In addition to Will Smith (“Agent J”), “MIB3” features Tommy Lee Jones reprising his role as “Agent K,” while Josh Brolin plays a young “Agent K.”

Nicole Scherzinger, Alice Eve and Emma Thompson have starring roles.

The new installment centers around Agent J and Agent K traveling back in time to 1969, to fight an evil alien.

According to stats released by Sony, the 3-D industry is becoming quite profitable with films burning a total of $6 billion worldwide.

In addition to Barry Sonnenfeld directing, Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment is serving as a executive producer of “MIB3”.

“MIB3” is due in theaters on Memorial Day.

Check out some photos from the movie below:

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