Hip-Hop Rumors: Another Crazy Fan Gets a Drake Tattoo?!!

Another Drake super fan has gotten a tattoo of the rapper. An unidentified fan has gotten a portrait of Drake along with the word “Drizzy” inked on their leg.  I hope to GOD this is a girl and not a dude!

The goofy looking tattoo truly captures Drake’s essence, doesn’t it! At least it wasn’t on her forehead like the other loony chick. Check out a photo of the tatt below.

In related news, forgive me for being a few days late on this, but D12 rapper Bizarre was recently inked with a portrait of Nicki Minaj. See the photo below.

This post got me thinking, would you ever get a tattoo paying homage to your favorite celebrity? Here’s a collection of photos of people who were crazy enough to do just that:

Alrighty then!

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