Hip-Hop Rumors: Has Common Recorded “The B***h In You” Part 2 For Drizzy Drake?


Some of you kiddies are too young to remember when Common and Ice Cube had beef. Basically, Common caught flack for his song “I Used To Love H.E.R.” and Ice Cube and them didn’t like it. Well, they did some response that I don’t remember but it prompted Common to do the now classic diss song “The B****h In Yoo.” Got it? This was 1996.

In 2012, Common is beefing with Drake. This is all fun and lyrics even though some people are trying to suggest it could turn into something more. Well, I am hearing rumors that Common has braced for a Drake reply and recorded (or will record) “The B***h In Yoo” Part 2 for Drake.  If this is true, I am assuming it is under the anticipation that Drake may return with a diss. Based on what Baby of Cash Money  recently proclaimed, I don’t see Drake having much more to say. Also, I think quiet as kept, people realize that this could be a brand problem for Drizzy, not a Hip-Hop one. IF “The B***h In Yoo” Part 2 comes out do you think it would measure up to the original? Based on “Sweet,” I think so. Maybe Drake should take the beat first and run with it!

Here is the original 1996 “The B***h In Yoo.” (This version is fast, because of the youtube bs rules. All the rest are blocked.):


And for Drake, here’s the original Pete Rock instrumental just in case.


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