Apple’s iPad 3 Scheduled For March 2012 Release

The hottest gadget and tablet of the past two years, the iPad, will be seeing its annual upgrade coming in about two months time, according to Bloomberg.

The iPad 3 is about to hit both online and physical retailers in March, and will feature “a high-definition screen (2046 x 1536 Retina Display), run a faster processor (A6), and work with next-generation wireless networks.” This “next-generation” network will be 4G-LTE, which has been advertised with numerous carriers in the past as the fastest network available.

“The tablet will use a quad-core chip, an enhancement that lets users jump more quickly between applications.” It is also being reported that the device will be smaller than the previously released iPad 2.

“Apple CEO Tim Cook is counting on the new model to ward off mounting competition in a market that Apple pioneered two years ago. After its debut in 2010, the iPad emerged as the company’s second-biggest source of income – after the iPhone – and inspired rival products from Amazon and Samsung Electronics Co. Apple has sold more than 40 million iPads, generating at least $23.5 billion in sales.”

No official word or statement has been issued by Apple, since they have a strict policy against commenting on rumors or speculation; however, Bloomberg has been spot on with their early reports in the past about both the iPad 2’s and iPhone 4S releases.

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