Hip-Hop Rumors: Eminem Considering a Career Change to Sports Commentating??!

We know Detroit rap giant Eminem has been going through some changes over the past few years…getting off those pills and whatnot, developing a new rap group called Slaughterhouse, still making good music, and doing a decent job of staying out of the negative paparazzi gleam.

And now it seems that the mostly private Em has taken on a new challenge – doling out public opinions about and advice to pro sports teams! In a recent interview with GQ magazine, the rapper offered his thoughts on the seemingly, kinda, well, always iffy Dallas team:

“Just for the record — I am a Lions fan first and foremost,” Eminem said. “But growing up as a kid, the Lions were so bad for so long, that I picked up another team in the Cowboys.

“I hate to sound f*cking cliché, but I truly believe that Romo gives them the best chance to win,” Eminem said.

Joking about using the sports commentary in an upcoming track, Slim Shady pondered: “Who knows? A lot of things rhyme with Tebow, though, right?” Hmmm. Yeah.

GQ also asked him for his predictions for the Super Bowl – which at press time were New England and New Orleans. One outta two ain’t bad!

He has dropped lines in songs about sports before, so maybe this is no big deal, but Ol’ Emsy doesn’t say much, so like Kanye West, it’s always worth a listen! Maybe he was inspired by Slaughterhouse member, Joe Budden’s, appearance on ESPN’s “First Take” a few weeks ago. We gotta admit…Joey B held his own in the sports department!!

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