BREAKING HEAT: Master P aka Monstahh Ft. T.E.C. “Monster Energy Drink”

Master P’s alter ego “Monstahh” was inspired by Monster Energy Drink. Master P says, “All I drink is Monster Energy Drink. It’s in my studio, in my house, in my car. I feel like when I was introducing myself back into the rap game, it was time to unleash the beast. I feel like I have a double personality, I come from the hood and I was able to get a taste of corporate America. So when I’m taking care of business, I’m Master P but when I’m making my music, I’m going beast mode, I turn into Monstahh. New mixtape No Limit Forever Classics coming soon. Check out for P. Miller in the new movie Get Money.

[ahh_audio src=/1-19-12/MasterPAkaMonstahhFtT.E.C.-MonsterEnergyDrink.mp3]

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