Bill Cosby: America’s Favorite Outspoken Dad On Not Being Asked To Be Born

Only a handful of notables can be considered kings or queens of their industry. Dr. William “Bill” H. Cosby, Jr. certainly is considered royal status. His remarkable works, including his stint as the most famous dad in television history on “The Cosby Show,”  have captured the hearts and minds of people across the globe. Cosby is a man who has touched virtually all areas in media – as a comedian, actor, producer, author, educator, musician, and activist, he has never lost a step along the way.

Now, as man on a new mission, the one and only Cosby made a stop in Durham, North Carolina, as part of a book tour in support of his latest literary contribution, I Didn’t Ask To Be Born, But I’m Sure Glad I Was. The comedian’s newest book muses about an array of ordinary stuff that he hopes will resonate with the average, avid reader.


Upon seeing the familiar colors of his old Alma Mata, Cosby gave one lucky fan at the book signing the memory of a lifetime. as he proceeded to sing his high school spirit song with the stranger with great pride. No doubt, his gesture and visit were part of his personal fight towards the advancement of education. And, there’s no doubt that at the end of the book signing, no one was mad at the long line. 

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