Hip-Hop Rumors: Did 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler Break Up Over Ciara???!!!

Chelsea Handler was a guest on Howard Stern’s radio show this morning, and she took the opportunity to throw shots at her former boo, 50 Cent!

According to Chelsea, she dumped 50 Cent after he confessed to her that singer Ciara still called him on occasion to tell him she “loved him.” 50 felt the need to confess because Ciara was getting ready to be a guest on Chelsea’s show, and he thought it was the “honorable” thing to do. Wrong!!!

Chelsea was actually “irritated” that 50 would call her at work with such childishness, and said this tidbit of information caused her to be uncomfortable during her interview with Ciara. Chelsea also said that she thought that 50 wasn’t telling her the whole truth, and that he and Ciara may still be getting it in.

Handler finished off the interview by calling 50 some not so nice names over the air. Hmmm, it looks to me like Chelsea is still salty about this one.

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