Hip-Hop Rumors: Did 50 Cent Really Take Floyd Mayweather’s 13-year Old Son to Get A Tattoo???!!

Apparently, 50 Cent took Floyd Mayweather’s 13 year-old son Koraun, to a tattoo shop and allowed the young boy to get a tattoo! What in the world is wrong with 50 Cent!? 50 tweeted photo of Floyd’s son’s showing off his tattoos. Check out the tweet and photo below:

Floyd, who must have been furious at 50, tweeted:

“What the hell is wrong with @50cent got my son hanging out getting tattoos at 2:30am on a school night.”

Since 50 Cent isn’t in the hospital recovering from a Floyd Mayweather beat down, I’m going to assume this is all a publicity stunt. What do you think?

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