Exclusive: Radio/TV Personality Big Tigger Bounces Back with a New Outlook on Life

In a down economy, it’s a rarity to find anyone celebrating the fact that they were unceremoniously fired…especially if the firing took place on their birthday. But this is how we found Big Tigger when he called – chilling on Miami Beach with some lovely friends, sipping drinks, and watching the world go by.

Longtime radio personality and TV veejay Tigger was released from his position as the morning man on Washington, D.C. radio giant, WPGC. When he took the position years ago, he replaced legendary broadcast veteran Donnie Simpson, and in recent years, he was paired up on-air with Free, formerly of BET’s 106th & Park. Were the shoes too big for him to fill? Why was he fired? And, how does he feel after more than 20 years in the radio industry?

In this AllHipHop.com exclusive interview, Big Tigger discusses his happiness, triumphs, and philosophies – some of which we all might think we know, and some which are very surprising. Check out the interview audio below:

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