Video: Survives A Night With A$AP Rocky & The A$AP Mob!

The A$AP Mob has been touring across the country on a pretty heavy promo run to gain exposure for lead artist A$AP Rocky and other members such as A$AP Ferg & A$AP Twelvy. A lot of things come to mind when you think of a rap concert, but I’m sure none of it compares to what takes place at an A$AP Rocky show. Try to imagine a Hip-Hop grunge fest like “Limp Bizkit meets Three 6 Mafia.” And here in North Carolina, I was all in.

A$AP Rocky has a cult-like following, and even though he’s not quite considered mainstream yet, women were literally throwing their panties onstage in hopes of snagging one of the floating hotel room keys promised by the leader of the A$AP Mob. The crowd went wild with each word A$AP Rocky spit from his latest mixtape, LiveLoveA$AP. Fans became so excited that they burst through the caged fences set up by security and rushed the stage. The A$AP Mob welcomed the chaotic audience, and the club turned into an oasis of crazy, die-hard fanatics.


The people were running in every direction, but all appeared to be having the time of their lives. I’ve seen many superstar acts, from Jay-Z and Ye, to Weezy, but I have never scene fans so excited that they began licking each other! Many people in the crowd were even dressed to mimic the look of the A$AP Mob’s videos. Wow.

A$AP Rocky is one of the best performers I’ve seen in years. It’s no wonder other legend-in-the-making acts like Drake have co-signed him. He is high-spirited and loves to demonstrate such by…crowd-surfing! If this tour should come through your neck of the woods, you have to check it out for yourself because, as they say, “Seeing is believing.”

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