Hip-Hop Rumors: Whitney Houston Death Photo Leaks!

Somebody has cashed in on Whitney Houston’s death and sold photos of her lying in her coffin to the National Enquirer.  The chilling photo was taken with a cell phone last week at Whitney’s private wake held at the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, New Jersey.

In the photo, Whitney is shown lying in a gold open casket in her favorite purple dress and gold slippers. The icon was reportedly wearing over $500,000 worth of jewelry.

The photo is published in today’s edition of the National Enquirer.

Source: The Daily Mail

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30 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Whitney Houston Death Photo Leaks!”

    • armylove0221

      “Niggaz gotta eat b” the ignorance of your comment shows your level of intelligence money doesn’t include exploiting someones death for a quick buck there are just certain things that you just don’t do with that being one of them

      • EDOGZ818

        The money don’t know where it came from! ( Sad but True! )

        >>Sends out a BIG ” F-U ” to the person who took the pic & the rag that published it!

      • EL_BARK


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      • armylove0221

        Ha I doubt it you can’t even use proper grammar, punctuality or for that matter even spell correctly so tell me how exactly does my screen name dictate my intelligence it’s a screen name. The last time I checked “prolly” isn’t in the dictionary there is no way to over analyze an idiot who said that “niggaz gotta eat b” I stand by what I said that photo was disrespectful as was your unethical comment your just butt hurt :p street smarts don’t count hon I highly doubt that you are smarter than me intellectually I could care less about your regularity on a website LOL your hilarious
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      • EL_BARK

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      • armylove0221

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      • EL_BARK

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      • armylove0221

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      • EL_BARK


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      • armylove0221

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      • armylove0221

        You see I got into Georgetown because of my intellectual abilities not from dribbling a ball mr bark I am studying to become a neuro psychologist you see mr bark we are too different people and just because you dropped out doesn’t mean I can hold my weight in which I have for the past two years with nothing lower than a B on anything Georgetown accepts less than 25% of the people who apply to the school so it means a hell of a lot this so called gang fights for freedom unlike gangs in the ghetto who fight for what drug turf,colors?? Take your anti military ranting somewhere else because your falling on deaf ears over here mr bark until you can do what me and every soldier that risks their lives so you can sleep easy please stfu wont you go and find a girl to play with mr bark your really starting to bore me and I’ve grown tired of entertaining you I have better things to do other then seeing your comments show up in my email account wont you go and read a book or something

      • EL_BARK

        Anti military rant?????

        Lol fool what are you talking about……

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        Dont worry, u aint the first gump, i exposed and you wont be the last.

  1. armylove0221

    That was very distasteful and inappropriate to print that picture there is a special place in hell for people like that including the person who took and sold that picture it just goes to show that people these days will sell their souls for a quick buck even if it means their dignity they don’t take into account the people namely her family who could walk anywhere and see this it was a private viewing for a reason I mean who knows it could’ve very well been a person that works for the
    funeral home no different than people who work at the coroners office doing the same thing

      • armylove0221

        Yup exactly what I said I think someone that works for that funeral home took that picture there is no way someone attending her viewing could have taken it without being noticed there’s an up close photo and one from a distance every dog has its day and the person or persons involved will get what’s coming to them

  2. WashingtonDre



    look leave this women alone respect the dead rip Whitney your free now????

            o  @..@
             ( )–( )

  4. peaches1richard

    i would like to say that i find it wrong what thew enquire has done,,and i hope the family are able to deal with this cruel world we live inn,,but as always whitney houston your are beautiful in life as well as death,,,god bless you whitney houston and family,,i love you all as well the world,,

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