Video: Fred the Godson’s Got The Bronx on His Back and He’s Taking It Worldwide

Fred the Godson has always represented the Bronx to the fullest. When the BX native and past Breeding Ground selectee landed on a certain, coveted “freshman cover” last year, the world took notice of his unorthodox rap style, literally. In the year since, his star has certainly risen, and with a slew of new projects on deck including a collaborative mixtape with Olivia titled Beauty and the Beast set to drop any day, Fred is in full beast mode for 2012.

Never one to let the buzz die, Fred has stayed extremely active since releasing last year’s very well-received mixtape, City of God, and he’s now on a short tour of the East Coast before packing his bags and heading overseas to Japan to perform for a few dates there. Upon his return, Fred says he’ll continue to work on his debut studio album – to be released by a label that he can’t name right now due to legalities and paperwork. ventured into the Bronx and caught up with Fred in his team’s newly-renovated Blockwork Studios where he and Olivia were finalizing the last few songs for their soon-to-be released Beauty and the Beast mixtape. In the video below, Fred talks about his writing and recording style and how the tape with Olivia came together, but all of that comes after his short but exclusive AllHipHop freestyle:


In the video clip below, Fred talks about making the cover of  XXL’s Freshman Class and who he thinks should make the cut this year. He also notes what artists he’s feeling, gives details on his signing rumors, and what he has in store for the fans both musically and visually in the very near future:


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