Signs The World Is Coming To An End: Son Kills Mom For NOT Letting Him Join Gang!


There haven’t been too many “signs” on the site, but there are some we have to report for you and they are CRAZY!

Peep this one:

This week, 19 people were arrested in an online sex sting. One of the men was actively seeking a hooker to give home a disease. YES! A man wanted a VD from a prostitute. This man, Eugene Agbebaku, a 32-year old man, was looking to pay a woman to have sex with him without the use of a condom. YES! And on top of that, he’s married with kids. YES! He’s a UPS driver and admitted to police that he gets the hookers on the hook about 3-4 times a week…without those things that stop venereal disease.

A 14-year Kills Mother Because She WOULD NOT LET HIM JOIN A GANG!

This is the craziest story of the day, I’d say. Very sad. A mother tries to stop the streets from having her son and her son shoots her multiple times with a 12-guage shot gun.

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