Producer/Supermodel Datari Turner Heats Up Hollywood Via Common, Stacey Dash & More

Some will recall Datari Turner’s early work as creator of BET’s hit show, “The Ultimate Hustler”, starring music mogul Damon Dash. Many others will remember Turner’s face (and body) being plastered up on Sean John clothing billboards. Now, this former model-turned-film producer is heating up Hollywood with his latest feature, “Dysfunctional Friends”, starring Stacey Dash, Jason Weaver, and Meagan Good, just to name a few.

There are only a handful of powerful Black producers in Hollywood. So few, you really only need one hand to count them. One of those producers is former Ford Modeling agency supermodel Datari Turner. The 32-year-old got his start as a supermodel at the young age of 19, and even skipped school to keep that dream alive. Now, his eyes are set on a successful career in film, and he admits that he respects the work of producer giants Tyler Perry and Rainforest Films’ Will Packer, but he’s more interested in a career similar to that of producer legend Jerry Bruckheimer.

This fall, Turner looks to release his next feature, “LUV”, starring rapper Common. got a chance to catch up with Datari, Listen to our full interview here:

Watch the “Dysfunctional Friends” trailer below, and follow Datari on Twitter (@DatariTurner):


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