BIGGIE WEEK: “If Biggie Had Lived…”


Jay-Z wouldn’t be nearly as big a star, because Biggie was the undisputed King of New York.
Lots of Jay’s odes to B.I.G. would not have been spit had Chris Wallace lived.

Biggie would have left jumpstarted his own empire that would have included Lil’ Kim and Junior M.A.F.I.A., and scooped other emerging artists.
Lil’ Kim’s career would have been far more sustained and successful.
Nicki Minaj’s path would be irrevocably changed with a Lil’ Kim backed by Biggie.
Rick Ross would not be able to use B.I.G.’s ad libs.

Gravy, who played Biggie in “Notorious” would not have starred in any movies.
Shyne would still be in Beliz or Brooklyn, but never a Bad Boy. And he’d have never done that 10-year bid for riding for Diddy in the club.

He would have scooped Jennifer Lopez before Diddy. Just saying.
There would be no Guerrilla Black, the rapper from Cali that sounds just like The Notorious One.
Lil Wayne would not have signed Nicki and therefore Young Money would not have a titan on the team.
The Commission would have happened. The Commission, as proposed by Biggie, was comprised of Jay-Z, Lil Cease, Charli Baltimore, Lance “Un” Rivera, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and himself aka “Frank White.”

There would have been hella beef between Lil Kim and Charli Baltimore.
He would have lost weight to be more healthy.

He would have been a great father.
He would have gotten back with Faith Evans.
Lil Cease would be a bit chubbier.
Bad Boy would be in a better place as a business and record label.

Ma$e would still be rapping and quite successful to this day.
Black Rob and G-Dep would likely be better revered as street rappers.
He would he completely gotten off his obsession with dying and death.
Brooklyn Mint would have been a successful clothing line available in places other than Burlington Coat Factory.
Coogi would have given him a stake in the company.
He probably would have gotten into some legal issues with some of the more flagrant legal offenses.
He would have cleaned up quickly, though.
There would be a course on him in colleges, as is the case with Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Tupac.

Later in life, Biggie would have gone back to school.
He’d chase his dream of being a dentist or an artist with the money he made in the rap game.
He’d probably open a fast food chain called “Big Poppa’s” as he aspired to do when he was alive.
Biggie would definitely have been an actor and was being courted as such before he was killed.
March 9th would be just another day, not an international Hip-Hop holiday.
Some killers wouldn’t have a date with destiny in a very hot place.

Clearly, this is all fictional, but what do you think would be different (or the same) had the late, great Notorious One ived?

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