Goes Behind the Scenes of DMX and Machine Gun Kelly’s “I Don’t Dance” Video

The dog-barking, grizzly voiced Ruff Ryder known as DMX is making a comeback. X, who’s made quite a few headlines as of late for his controversial remarks towards Drake, Jay-Z, and Rick Ross, is out to let the music do the talking this time with a new single called “I Don’t Dance” featuring Machine Gun Kelly.

Last week in Los Angeles, the two met up to shoot a video for the song and was invited to come along. Rappers Xzibit and King Tee also came out to support, and Xzibit even joined in the video shoot for a cameo appearance in the dark and heavily smoke-filled video. Check out our exclusive clip of the video and DMX having fun on the stage between takes. At the end, DMX even crazily hops on a motorcycle to ride through the streets of downtown Los Angeles with no helmet! Luckily, he was able to avoid the police. Gotta be careful, X!


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