Exclusive: B.O.B. Speaks on Andre 3000 and Balancing the Demands of Stardom

B.o.B. marches steadfastly to the release of his second album and yet he’s showing no signs of concern regarding the dreaded sophomore slump. Perhaps, said slump no longer exists in today’s era. By their second outing, acts like B.o.B. a.k.a. Bobby Ray are certified vets with stripes and battle scars. He saunters into the mid-town Manhattan offices of Atlantic Records, his recording home; he’s cooler than Eskimo cuticles. With TJ Chapman, his manager, he genially speaks to those within range. Finally he sits with AllHipHop.com to discuss his new opus Strange Clouds, working with Andre 3000 and the fine line between stardom and anti-stardom.

B.o.B. Talks New Album Strange Clouds


On working with Andre 3000 and being a star:


Strange Clouds is due May 1, 2012. Check back for the rest of this interview.

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