Epic Fail of the Day: When Trash Talk Goes Wrong – FAIL ENSUES

Oh, Hip-Hop.


Look what you have created. This chick wants nothing more than to be a good sh*t talker with a phatty. That’s right…we decided to go old school with it. PHATTY. Anyway, the fact is, this chick is trying so hard to be cool, its pathetic. I hope Tosh.0 gives her a shot at redemption, because her life is screwed at this point. You know, she’s still be able to graduate with honors and get a good job. But, a stroll in West Brooklyn? She’s food for sharks. Being cool or hot? Oh no. Lukewarm at best. Anyway, watch this all the way to the end…you will NOT keep a straight face.


We post this in honor of illseed and his “Epic Fails.”

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