Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Working on $150 Million Tour Deal for Beyonce

Jay-Z is reportedly brokering a tour deal for Beyonce worth $150 Million! Sources are saying that Jigga has approached Live Nation to partner with Bey for a world tour that would be dubbed as Beyonce’s “comeback” after giving birth to her first child, Blue Ivy Carter.

“Just weeks after the birth of Blue Ivy, Jay met with Live Nation to discuss a tour for Beyoncé. He wanted a deal worth about $150 million, but they countered with a lower offer.”

Both Jay-Z and Live Nation are remaining mum on the deal. But we hear Beyonce isn’t sitting back and waiting for her hubby to get her back into her performance tights. She has allegedly stepped out and arranged her first performance in Atlantic City, NJ.

Beyonce is reportedly performing three exclusive shows at Revel, a brand new resort in Atlantic City, over Memorial Day Weekend. Are you still checking for Beyonce?

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14 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Working on $150 Million Tour Deal for Beyonce”

  1. digitallife

    Most overrated undertalented singer ever..if it was for eventide harmonizer her and rihanna would be arm candy at best..beyonce getting song writing credit is like a slave master claiming he freed the slaves instead of owning them.

    • jigger

      Why are you so bitter? Was your mum her maid? Did she fire her or something? If you hate her so much and think she  is overrated and ‘undertalented’, why would you bother reading news about her. Also from your comment it is obvious you didn’t go to school. So, go to school and get a damn life.

      • digitallife

        Hate..for saying the truth. Why do folks get so butthurt over anything beyonce or jay-z…stop idolizing humans..these people are just as flawed as you are. I said she can’t sing…prove me wrong..Go back and pull any pre-eventide harmonizer track from beyonce and compare…I know what i’m talking about..Do you? Nope

  2. rep87

    Sydney Lace just throwing out numbers now give me some of that shit you smoking and one toke and hey Sydney did you hear R kelly is planning a 250 billion dollar tour with old school R& B ARTIST AND NEW SCHOOL R & B ARTIST !

  3. jamaicanbornanbreed

    for some reason bey jus aint dat hot to me….jay brought shorty down….u couldn’t pay me to watch the other half of the illuminati couple perform

  4. jamaicanbornanbreed

    can jigger please remove its tongue from beyonce ass….u super dorky fans go mad hard…i hope u knw shorty cares not for you and would not save u from de precepitt on her day off…does she pay u…is she ur mom….den dnt be so mad….and i am college educated….a little tipsey..but still educated….hate u beyonce fans…have a splendid day…or evening…..whatever

    • Tony G.

      first off..thats his wife..so if his tongue is in her ass, he has the right to put it there…what is he not supposed to go hard for her?

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        actually g..i was talking to a fellow bloger on this site called jigger….i could give a sunday f@#k about where jay puts his tongue…thanks though for da clear-up….dumbass

  5. LetsBeRealpeople

    She could totally flip the game and do some Oprah sh!t with that $150 Million. She makes what, 87 million a year?? So, if we petition her to send that money for um…hmm to clean the Gulf in someway… Perhaps write a grant proposal to the Carter Foundation? Start a matching gift fund with the ballers in the industry? That would shake ish up of they did something that epic.

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