Boosie Avoids Death Penalty; Anonymous Jury Selected For Trial

(AllHipHop News) The trial of rapper Lil Boosie will start on April 30 and the controversy has already started.

Prosecutors have announced that they will use an anonymous jury for the first-degree murder trial of Lil Boosie.

During the trial, jurors will only be identified by numbers and not their names.

Prosecutors said that Lil Boosie will also face a mandatory life sentence if he is convicted of the murder.

The decision to use an anonymous jury was used because of the high-profile nature of the case.

Both prosecutors and Lil Boosie’s lawyers noted that there were no specific security concerns or safety threats.

“It’s just something we thought would be better for the case and the jurors,” East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore III told The Advocate.

“There’s no evidence of any threats against any potential jurors in this case,’’ added Martin Regan, one of the rapper’s lawyers. “We want to get a fair jury.”

Prosecutors claim Lil Boosie, born Torrence Hatch, hired Michael “Marlo Mike” Louding to kill 39-year-Terry Boyd, in October 2009.

Also charged in Boyd’s death is Adrian Pittman, 37 and Michael “Marlo Mike’’ Louding, who was 16 at the time of the slaying.

Louding is also accused of murdering five other men.

Lil Boosie is being held in the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.

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48 Responses to “Boosie Avoids Death Penalty; Anonymous Jury Selected For Trial”

  1. Michael

    It aint lookin too good for this cat!!  And them posting pictures of him with stacks of cash in his hands dont exactly make him look like a productive member of society! Hopefully he gets a fair shake and if he is innocent he gets off…. 

  2. $18592567

    Boosie gon’ beat this case. He still gonna have to do a fair amount of time for that other stuff he did, but there’s no way he’ll be convicted. This whole case is based on the testimony of someone looking for a deal. This ‘Marlo Mike’ kid killed like 7 people and right now he’s probably lying to avoid the death penalty. I’m no Boosie fan per se, but it’s obvious that the state doesn’t have too much evidence (7 bodies would get the FEDS involved quickly). Boosie will be back in the streets around 2016-17.

      • Brett Koppin

        If he’s convicted of “first degree murder” he might get off on a second or third degree. Depends on how much evidence the prosecutors actually have.

      • mrgibson

         I know what is says, I don’t think he’ll get life.  I’m wondering how much actual time he’ll come out with. 

  3. PorchBoySlim

    yall niggas can hang up all that “free boosie’ shit this nigga gon be gone for a loooong ass time….he might not get life but he aint getting out for a min

  4. justyouraverage

    boosie gunna be a living legend if he get off but if he dont just look at max b he been gone some time already

    • thuglifefukdapolice


      • Alex Kulpa

        just because you capitalize and misspell everything doesnt mean your right. if dude ordered a hit then he deserves to sit in prison.  if he didn’t then he wont get convicted.. thats how the law works in this country, boosie didnt do anything before this happened to suggest that was morally upstanding so i dont see what the “free boosie” fuss is about. if he’s innocent then hes gonna walk

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        boosie had a jail record way b this and and the there is no such thing as justice system for black ppl if we ddint  do it we did it if  somebody does something to us and they were wrong they are innocent its legal 2 kill and lock up innocent black ppl there is no justice its just us 4 black ppl bitch

  5. siddiq ja'far

    hate to say it but this dude going down. 1st a u nknown jury that means they staking the deck with a jury pool consisting of DA friendly people. 2nd Boosie threatened the DA & all he has songs portray himself as directing this Marlo character to kill 4 him. 3rd look at the charges he received while in prison. 4th he in Louisana! That DA got a hard on 4 him, stick a fork in him, he’s done

  6. illymac

    Boosie mess around and beat this..
    only evidence they have is hear say..
    they dont have any physical evidence,
    they dont have a note or text or anything,
    all they got to go on is this lil boy who is
    saying Boosie paid him to do it…

    The lil boys credibilityis shot to hell,
    just on the strength he killed like 7 people..
    He’ll say anything to get off..

  7. Yvette

    When something is said that is recorded on paper or a record, it is forever. It’s not what goes into the mouth that defileth a man, but what comes out of the mouth.
    He was young and stupid and thought money could allow him anything.
    Alas, the Nuevo Riche……..

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      if u beleive what u  read u dont kno nutin bout boosie stfu if marlomike was a hire for hitman how much he got paid for it what did he do with the moneydo he still live in da hood cause hitmen get paid  the kidd didnt do shit 4 boosie it was on his own cause if he did he woulda had so much money he would of never told so u kno he lyin 

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      they have no evidence no gun no proof boosie was there no proof he told louding to kill all boosie said was aint no luv in my body  KEY WORDS MARLO MIKE UP IN THE BACK SEAT BEGGIN 4 A BODY KEY WORDS BEGGIN

    • mj

      dude his music entertainment and he is a ENTERTAINER ..Like Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga. All that guns and stuff was an act to sell records. Boosie said himself before he went to jail “Its just all about selling records”. its just to entertain If they’re going to convict him just by hearsy, and the lyrics in his songs, they might as well charge every other rap artist out there with murder. Just because someone say’s something, doesn’t mean they actually did it. his lyrics are freedom of speech.

  8. Tyrell De'Andre McLish

    This lil nigga got this one, he fasure gettin out, like err bady sed they only got one proof, whats that gone do, nun, free lil boosie nd fuk ya’ll hatters, come and suck on my shit, cause lil boosie he out and ya'[ll got no damm good proof. bithces and punks

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