EXCLUSIVE: Shawty Lo Says Arrest Record Kept Him Off “Love & Hip Hop”

(AllHipHop News) Scratch Shawty Lo off the list of local rappers who may appear on VH1’s upcoming season of “Love & Hip Hop,” which will take place in Atlanta, Georgia.

Shawty Lo was reportedly going to be featured on the show with his girlfriend Ecreia, along with all ten of the rap star’s off-spring.

But the rap star’s criminal past is preventing him from being featured on “Love & Hip Hop.”

“I was supposed to be on the reality show, because of my record VH1 won’t let me be on there,” Shawty Lo told AllHipHop.com in an exclusive interview. “I got 28 arrests, I been convicted 4 times.”

While rappers like T.I. and 50 Cent have been featured on VH1 despite their arrest records, Shawty Lo claimed that his past was a bit different from the aforementioned artists.

“The difference with me and the other rappers is I got a lot of violence on my record,” Shawty Lo told AllHipHop.com. “People got shot, I didn’t just get caught with drugs, I was really doing crazy stuff in the streets. “It’s a blessing. Thanks to the number #1 judge up stairs.”

The official cast of “Love & Hip Hop” has yet to be revealed.

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