Plies’ Off The Hook; Judgement Against Rapper Overturned

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Plies scored a major victory in court last week, when a judge overturned a verdict against the him over 2006 shooting.

In December of 2011, a civil jury found Plies and his brother Ronell “Big Gates” Lawrence Levatte, 37, responsible for a 2006 shooting inside of a Gainesville nightclub that left five people wounded.

Plies was ordered to pay over $35,000 to the five victims, while his brother was ordered to pay almost $50,000.

Now, the verdict against the rapper has been overturned.

A judge ruled that there was not enough evidence against Plies to prove that he knew the shooting was going to take place, or that he had knowledge that his brother and his even had guns.

Plies was arrested after the shooting and pleaded no contest to carrying a concealed weapon.

But the charge against him was adjudicated, so he has no conviction on his criminal record.

Bjg Gates, who spent three years in prison for his role in the shooting, is still responsible to pay the victims damages for medical bills.

The five victims were originally seeking over $10 million dollars in damages for their injuries.

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