Lawyers For 50 Attempt To Block Young Buck’s Asset Sale Over Dispute

(AllHipHop News) Rapper 50 Cent has filed a motion to block Young Buck’s sale of his intellectual property, in an attempt to pay off creditors, as part of his bankruptcy filing.

According to the Wall Street Journal, 50 Cent’s lawyers filed motions to stop the sale of Young Buck’s recordings, publishing and other intellectual property, until a judge decides what Young Buck is allowed to sell.

Lawyers for 50 Cent claim that Young Buck’s agreement with G-Unit already grants them the rights to almost all of the intellectual property the rapper created while he was signed to the label.

“The creditors are left with no choice but to file this opposition to ensure that the trustee is not seeking to adversely affect the creditors’ rights in assets that they own, or in which they have rights and interests,” 50 Cent’s attorneys wrote in recently filed court papers.

In addition to his music, lawyers for G-Unit say the label owns all trademarks, logos and even Young Buck’s professional name.

A judge is expected to weigh in on the motion next week.

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