Hip-Hop Rumors: Rick Ross Makes A Big Mistake In Lil Delaware

Swiped from illseed.com:

Guess what? Rick Ross came down to the University of Delaware the other day and boy did he make a mistake. We know that Ross is used to being in the hood spots, but he was at the University of Delaware, a school that is damn near Ivy League! Well, here is the funny. Not that Delaware State University is hood, but its an historically Black college aka an HBCU! I’m assuming Rick Ross is used to going to Del State, because he continuously referred to UD as Del State! Huge mistake! Del State and UD are rivals in Delaware, which is the second smallest state in the USA. The funny thing is Meek Mill was there and he kept trying to remind The Bawse on stage that they were not at Del State, but Ross kept on! People that were there don’t think Ross knew were he was. He also performed the same song twice. Big mistake, small place. – illseed

Delaware Unity!

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