FEEL RICH VIDEO: Slim Thug Talks Getting Right With Your Health

Editor’s Note: “Feel Rich” is our partnership with QD3, the talented son of music legend Quincy Jones. “Feel Rich” is all about creating a healthy lifestyle for Hip-Hop culture – both the artists and the fans. Enjoy!

Houston, Texas rapper Slim Thug is next up in a growing list of rappers who are committing themselves to living healthier lifestyles these days. Check out a video below of him talking his growing up without home-cooked, nutrition meals and how he has changed his ways:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvlRXXHvGS4]

When Slim Thug hits Memorial Park in Houston for his runs, there’s no way he leaves home without his tunes. Here are his top five songs to add to your playlist today:

1.  Scarface – “Man Cry”
2.  Jay Z & Kanye West – “Ni**as in Paris”
3.  Young Jeezy – “All White Everything”
4.  Jay-Z – “Dear Summer”
5.  2-Pac – “Ambitions as a Ride”

Mix these tracks into your workout and see if they help you take it to the next level.  Tweet @FeelRich and @SlimThugga, and let us know what YOUR favorite songs to workout to are…
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