VIDEO: Jarobi and Dres of EVITAN Keep The Native Tongue Tradition Alive

One of the newest duos on the scene actually consists of two veterans in Hip-Hop: Jarobi of A Tribe Called Quest and Dres of Blacksheep.Together, the two Native Tongue members make up EVITAN, which is actually “Native” spelled backwards.

In this episode of RAPPIN WITH RAVEN, Raven goes in-studio with EVITAN, takes a listen to tracks from their upcoming album, and discusses why the two decided to collaborate on the new project.

Dres discusses bringing the “Golden Era” of Hip-Hop to the present, while Jarobi discusses how serious Hip-Hop has become. In addition to preparing to bring the fun back into Hip-Hop, Jarobi also gives a quick tip on how to stay out of trouble by talking to yourself in the mirror daily.

Check out exclusive video with EVITAN below:


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