BREAKING NEWS: Lil Boosie’s Defense Rests Without Calling A Single Witness; Closing Arguments Begin

(AllHipHop News) The defense rested their case today (May 10), without calling a single witness in the first degree murder trial of Torrence “Lil Boosie” Hatch.

After six days and 27 witnesses, the prosecution called their last witness, Rachel Wagner, Terry Boyd’s sister and the mother of Hatch’s five-year-old daughter.

Before answering any questions, Wagner told prosecution lawyer Dana Cummings she did not want to take the stand, because she did not know anything.

Cummings still proceeded to ask Wagner if she knew of any reason Terry Boyd would want to “slap and jack” Lil Boosie.

Wagner replied “No.”

Once Wagner left the stand, the State of Louisiana rested.

Approximately three minutes later, Defense attorney Jason Williams stated “the defense rests with the witnesses the state has put on.”

The courtroom was silenced.

The look on everyone’s face displayed confusion.

The judge decided to end court for the day, in order to allow the state to prepare for closing arguments.

Prosecution will begin their closing arguments Friday morning (May 11).

Reporting for by Saturn Douglas.

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