Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake And Chris Brown Diss Rihanna In New Track! Breezy Says “Every Industry N*gga Done Had Her”

While it seemed like Chris Brown and Rihanna had reconciled a few months ago when they collaborated on two tracks together, it looks like the honeymoon is over. Last night, Chris Brown tweeted a freestlye over Kanye’s “Theraflu” instrumental, and it sure does look like he’s taking a dig at Rihanna. Check out the lyrics and the track below:

Don’t f**k with my old b-tch it’s like a bad fur
Every industry n***a done had her
Shook the tree like a pumpkin just to smash her
B-tch is breaking codes, but I’m the password

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwq-F9unLo8&w=560&h=315]

After Breezy tweeted the link, Rihanna unfollowed her ex and commented: “Aw, poor dat #neaux1currr.” Anyone know what that means?

It has come out recently that Rihanna was dating Meek Mill, after already being linked to Drake. Could that have put Chris Brown over the edge? Or, could it have been all of the shade Rihanna was throwing his girlfriend Karrueche’s way on Twitter?

In related news, Drake may have also gotten tired of chasing after Rihanna. He just released a song with 2 Chainz titled “No Lie”, that seems to be dissing Rihanna and calling her out as a jumpoff as well. Check out the lyrics below:

“She came through, she brought food/She got f—ed, she knew wassup /She think I’m the realest out /And I say “damn, that makes two of us” /Oh that look like what’s her name /Chances are it is whats her name /Chances are, if she was acting up /Then I f–ked her once and never f—ed again /She could have a Grammy, I still treat that *ss like a nominee /Just need to know what that p—y like so one time, it’s fine with me”

Damn, Rihanna, all of your dudes are turning on you. Maybe it’s time to slow down, baby!

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