2 Chainz Released From Police Custody After Mistakenly Arrested

(AllHipHop News) Rapper 2 Chainz celebrated being released from custody after officials at LaGuardia Airport in New York mistakenly thought his gold 4-fingered ring were brass knuckles.

The rapper expressed his exuberance on Twitter.

“RALEIGH, NC we on da wayyyyy!!! TurnUPPP,” he said via the social network.” 2 Chainz was en route to Raleigh to join Drake and Meek Mill for the Club Paradise.

He also posted a picture of himself boarding a private jet from Instagram (seen below).
The rapper also spoke to his detractors who expressed joy that he was temporaroily locked up. “Sorry to alll the negative people who wanted me out the way…kant let u have the game bak that ez…”

2 Chainz also expressed frustration that he lost other material goods from the airport, but was ultimately happy to be free.