Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Jay-Z Choose Warren Buffett To Be Baby Blue Ivy’s Godfather?

Rumors are swirling that Jay-Z has named billionaire investor, Warren Buffett, the Godfather to his first child, daughter Blue Ivy Carter. The two have been friends for many years, and even appeared on the cove of Fortune Magazine together.

I’m sure many people are questioning Jay-Z’s choice. I mean, what about Jay-Z’s BFF, Ty Ty a.k.a. Tyran Smith? I thought he was a shoe-in for the honor.

On the surface, Buffett is a great choice. After all, he is one of the richest people on the planet, and he’s also a philanthropist. But on the other hand, the man is 81 years old.  One has to wonder how he will be able to keep up with an infant, and how much longer he will be around, if you get my drift.

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15 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Jay-Z Choose Warren Buffett To Be Baby Blue Ivy’s Godfather?”

  1. Sniggih Smalls

    He’s a Sell out poor Mr.Buffet. Just wants this dude to leave him alone. Jay thinking he’s down with the crew but he not.

  2. brotha_man

    where Memphis Bleek at? I get it…. get money/ but im sure there are black billionaires and millionaires he can build his empire with.  Some people need to read Mis-education of the Negro or, the philosophy’s and opinions of Marcus Garvey. Black wall street (Oklahoma) did exist the reason we cant build as a people is because we are scared to be too “associated”. there are wealthy brothas and sista’s doing positive things in the business world.smh


    • brotha_man

      beanie said it best ” Im thinking to myself like damn thats a slap in the cheek/ if not for me at least for bleek”.

    • WandaInMyOpinion

      lmao…Why would he give Bleek the honor of God-father, so  he can  buy Blu Ivy diapers with the allowance money that he gives Him…NAW…he is choosing respectable, intelligent folks to be mentors in his childs life, I dont blame him…

  3. dicclikedynomite

    come on now buffet kicks the bucket leaves baby blue a smooth billion jay know what time it is blue is just another investment

  4. Em Jay

    did anybody see how Jay is all over dude’s tie then in the Magazine photo he’s wearing dude’s tie or one like it…  you can definitely see who Jay is with that move…  #REALTALK…

    • Ramal Jenkins

      Em Jay, you sound foolish….the Forbes cover happened waaaaaay before the opening of the 40/40 club night that Buffet attended….Jay is grabbing Buffet’s tie because Buffet liked the tie Jay wore to the photo shoot and wore the same tie months later at the opening…Google the dates….the internet is your friend for research lol

      • B.f. Thomas

        Need i say thank you for doing your homework on the tie i thought very few people knew about that good job mr jenkins 

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