Hip-Hop Rumors: Mike Tyson Sex Tapes With Who??


Now this is strange. So, strange, it is, I am not sure how factual it is. There are a couple variables that come into play here. Basically, rumor has it Mike Tyson has recorded many videos of himself in the bed doing many famous celebrities. The rumor goes he’s got Janet Jackson, pre-marriage Jada Pinkett, Angie Stone, Angela Bassett and even Mary J. Blige. Now, I’m not so sure I believe this, but I got to thinking that it may be true. Mike was a beast back in the day, and I don’t mean in the bad way. I mean in the good way as a ferocious athlete. Then came that rape situation. It has been speculated that after that bid in jail, Iron Mike began to record his romps in the bed as insurance that he didn’t rape the women he knocked down. Only thing, is I’m not sure I can see these ladies doing anything with a post-rape Mike. Well, maybe Mary – lol – just kidding. Anyway, we know Robin Givens KO’d Mike back in the day and I never heard of any other chicks in his life. This may just be a crazy rumor. I don’t think we’ll see “evidence” of the truth anytime soon unless Mike REALLY wants to make some money.

Janet though?
janet jackson

I don’t know about this one!

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