Conversations with 50 Cent: Young Buck, G-Unit, The Forbes List and the New Hustle

Musically, 50 Cent is at a crossroads.

He’s fending off his the competition at every turn as a young crop of artist rises in Hip-Hop. Still, Curtis Jackson isn’t too concerned. As he points out, “I been on the Forbes list 10 years straight – consecutively.” The mogul looks at the rap game like the corner and his options for making money are increasingly limited. He’s decided to release his 5th and final obligation to Interscope whether the label supports it or not.

Money isn’t every thing and 50 gives the status of his relationship to the rest of G-Unit, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. It may be time for them to fly on their own, he asserts. But, when asked about estranged member Young Buck, who has had a myriad of personal and business problems, the General goes even colder. [Watch Young Buck “review” 50 Cent’s “Lost Tape” ] “Where I’m from we got a code of conduct we follow: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” 50 Cent says. “N***as is lucky you don’t just kill ’em. N***as shot me for $5,000.”

Here is Part 2 of the exclusive interview with 50 Cent, where he talks about his revenue, the status of G-Unit, and why the boot will not soon come off Young Buck’s neck.

Listen to Part 1: Conversations with 50 Cent: Lil Wayne, Beef, DJ Drama, The Lost Tape

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