Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Brian McKnight Disses Floyd Mayweather and Chris Brown

Brian McKnight has found a new level of relevance through Twitter and tacky rap R&B songs! I gotta give this man some credit, people give him their time and actually pay him attention. I sure did a few weeks ago when her first started to yap about his “adult mixtape.” At any rate, he is good money when it comes to getting attention, because he dissed Floyd Mayweather and Chris Brown. He doesn’t say their names, but its plain and simple enough. Do remember: McKnight has a new “anal song.” It may never stop with this guy since we keep giving him time and attention. <<–Hit the LANK to read about it.

Here are the tweets! Shout out to my amigo that tipped me off to this. I may add dude to team illseed!


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