Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Raz B Says Sorry To Chris Brown & Maybach O?

I cannot call this, but I thought I would pass it along. One of my sources hit me up and told me that Raz-B isn’t working on any sort of book that will expose a bunch of singers as as gay. Click here for the rumor. The source that hit me up said that he’s focused on his family, not yanking people out of the closet. The source also indicated that Raz is now a born again Christian and that these people are lying. “We do apologized to the fans and Chris Brown n B2K. Bow Wow for the foolishness at this time. sincerely,” in a statement allegedly from Raz-B himself. Why he could apologize for somebody else, I don’t know. This is probably more BS from Raz-B.

Maybach O made this fool say sorry like the Gangster he IZ!


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