Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Wale Disrespect Hip-Hop Journalist Amanda Seales a.k.a. Amanda Diva?

MMG rapper Wale has allegedly confronted “Hip Hop POV” host, Amanda Seales, over some remarks she made about him on her Twitter, and according to Ms. Seales, who was previously known as “Amanda Diva,” Wale went off on her.

Wale and Amanda came head-to-head at Wale’s Roots Picnic performance in Philadelphia this past weekend, where Wale allegedly walked up to Amanda and began yelling in her face. According to MediaTakeOut’s version, witnesses to the confrontation say that Wale allegedly called her a “bum bitch” and allegedly threatened to punch her in the face. Check out Amanda Seales’ account of the incident with Wale:

“I keep being told to “not sweat” that @Wale came in my face trying to fight me ovr a tweet. Y in hip hop do we excuse such behavior? Were I to get an apology then perhaps.But it shld be known that dude is completely out of line with women on a regular basis. Folks say “we expect that from him”. But what does that mean? It’s ok bcuz we all kno of the regularity of such behavior”

In hip hop women r always expected to “be cool” abt completely out of line behavior from our male counterparts. No dice.

At some point, in an intrvw, some1 will ask 4 the whole @wale “tweet fight” story & I’ll gladly tell it. Bcuz it’s part of a bigger issue…”

We hear Wale also allegedly threatened that he was going to tweet out her romantic relationships with various entertainers. Amanda later deleted her tweets. Was it right for Wale to get all up in her face like that over a tweet?

Welp, we were at the Roots Picnic, and we definitely heard that Wale wiled out! So…what’s up with these two???

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  1. immackulate

    wale super emotional azz niggah – she need to do whats best in this situation – and get her BIGGER BROTHER to whip the dog shyt outta that niggah – cant stand a niggah who uh try and take off on radio personalities, talk show hosts, and women in general BUT when it comes to a dude WOULDNT BUST A GRAPE IN A FRUIT FIGHT WITH WELCH’S PERMISSION…

    where’s WU TANG when you need a rappers wig pushed back???

  2. bigdoe6

    Wale got female intentions. You can look at him and tell his heart pumps kool aid. Any dude who steps to a female over a twitter post is a straight bitch, and the bitch came out of him. 

  3. ishmails

    A lot of these radio personalities say a lot of negative s**t on air. If I were an artist, I might say something too. These artists are people too. If somebody got bulls**t to say about you and think you are not going to say anything when you see them, they are delusional.  

  4. Negro Peligro

    I’m sorry but you can’t come out of your mouth side ways repeatedly on the internet then be like he yelled at me. I would’ve got her on video tape sucking for stories. Then be like. I’m tired of these so called gossip columns sucking for stories. I think women should have more honor for their bodies than exchanging it for rumors. I mean in Hiphop we are all just supposed to be cool about hoes. I mean a woman that uses her vagina in exchange for some monetary gain is a hoe. Get off yo back and get a job. I mean but its OK because we all know the regularity of the behavior. I mean she is completely breaking all journalistic codes of ethics for a rumor.  If someone would pay me for the interview at some point I’m going to release the tape I’ll gladly tell it. Because its part of a bigger issue. 

    • GuestwithacapG

      Are you serious? Why is it cool for a dude to stick his prick in any girl but you have a problem if a woman is sleeping around? Women enjoy sex as much as men do and some enjoy it like men do…with multiple partners. Don’t be a hypocrite. At the end of the day you are defending a dude who tried to pick a fight with a girl. No respect

      • immackulate

        i do have a problem with women sleeping around … but that aint what AMANDA DIVA doing – thats what RIRI doing lol

    • immackulate

      man you a weirdo if thats what you took out of that RUMOR post
      the chick aint phucking for INTERVIEWS she just phucking who she wanna phuck
      she around rappers, entertainers all day – bytch gonna be attracted to SOMEBODY
      and more than 1 of them somebodies prolly got some A1 game that they ran on
      her – AMANDA DIVA work for MTV and do her own shyt on the side – only a stupid
      niggah would think she phucking for interviews – when she works for the TV Company that
      makes these artists viable

      • Negro Peligro

        LOL. It was a joke. The point being I don’t know her no more than she know him. He felt some kind of way about it like you felt some kind of way about it. I was being sarcastic cause she did the whole I’m going to tell the story about it because their’s a bigger story here. Man people being shutting up liars since the dawn of time by any means necessary. 

  5. Jay

    i hate when people say ‘he slippn/falling off’

    the rapper is falling off because their not making the music you use to them making

    how is wale falling off when his damn album went number 1 selling many copys? smh

    thats like somebody said drake fell off and he just dropped a album that sold alot of albums

    ignorance smh

    • Kevin Park

      I’m a fan of Wale’s earlier mixtapes, especially “The Mixtape About Nothing”. He seemed to be repping D.C. very well, and if you heard his lyrics, he was oftentimes so critical about where Hip-Hop was heading towards. When he was signed to Maybach Music, it confused a lot of people; honestly, I thought he could’ve been a G.O.O.D. artist, since none of his previous songs sounded like DJ Khaled tracks. There was soul to his music.  

      Now, it just seems like he’s becoming more and more entitled. Look, I’m not asking you to agree with me. But don’t brush my opinions off as “ignorance”. You can’t even use correct grammar; hell, you can’t even spell. That’s ignorant. Step off.

  6. Anthony

    that’s why i don’t have a twitter if i got say something 2 u imma call u or come see u….point blank that twitter shit starts 2 much unnecessary shit 

  7. Weedras

    double standards.. its cool for rappers to diss some chicks.. but its a bitchass move to diss certain chicks… smh… 

  8. CanYouAllHearMe

    This isn’t the first time he has done this to a woman, Check his past, He is really sensitive and seems like a bitch made nigga, Glad i don’t listen to him.

  9. brotha_man

    shoulda got maybach “o” to handle it, they on the same level.  naw seriously need to stop this domestic abuse shit its not cool on any level.

  10. Adeleke Arowosegbe

    People callin Wale soft like they went to school with this nigga or somethin! If you really listen to his interviews and music, you’ll know he ain’t soft, he’s just a humble guy. I agree he went about it the wrong way but ya dumb mothafuckas are actin like he beat her ass!

  11. shayleshay

    Wale needs to stop putting out songs about women when it’s obvious girls don’t like him and he does’nt like girls. ( i.e. Rosa Acosta, Amanda Diva. etc..etc..)

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