Hip-Hop Rumors: Q-Tip Twitter Rants Over Gwyneth Paltrow Use Of The N-Word

While at the Watch The Throne concert in Paris, white actress Gwyneth Paltrow tweeted, “Ni**as In Paris For Real,” along with a photo of herself dancing on stage. Many people took offense to her using the N-word because of her ethnicity and did not care if she was close friends of Jay, Bey, and Kanye. An internet firestorm followed and a surge of African-American celebrities came to Gwenny’s defense, including Russell Simmons, journalist Toure, and even producer The-Dream tried to take blame for the tweet saying that he had tweeted it himself from her phone.

Well, legendary rapper Q-Tip is not feeling Ms. Patrow’s use of the N-word, and let it be known in a series of tweets earlier this week. Check out his tweets below:

At this point a few of Q-Tip’s followers began attacking Q-Tip and telling him that he was taking the situation too seriously. Q-Tip responded with the tweets below:

Do you think Gwyneth Paltrow was wrong for tweeting the name to Jay-Z and Kanye’s song, “Ni**as In Paris?”

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